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2-3 Year Old Combo Class 

This class is designed to touch on basic ballet and tap steps in a fun environment. 

4-6 Year Old Combo Classes

Each combo class is designed to work on specific areas of dance, preparing each student for an individual class in that area. 

  • Ballet and tap combo focuses on coordination, technique, and balance. In tap, students will learn basic tap steps and how to keep a rhythm. 

  • Hip Hop and tumbling explore upbeat, fast paced music that keeps a high energy level. Students also have the opportunity to learn basic tumbling and gymnastics skills. 

Classes for ages 7 and up: 


This class will cover all technical aspects of classical ballet. 


This class will continue with classical ballet training with a focus on proper strength development. Participants in this class are selected by the instructor. 


Students will use dramatic body movements to tell a story through song. Students must take this class in conjunction with ballet. 


Fast moving, upbeat, and technical, this class will cover numerous styles such as authentic jazz, contemporary jazz, and jazz funk. 


By striking, hitting, and gliding across the floor, students will explore the rhythmic patterns and complexities of tap dance. 

Hip Hop

This class will cover a wide variety of street dancing with high energy and attitude. 

Musical Theater

Students in this jazz based class will learn acting and facial expressions while performing to Broadway musicals and other productions. 

Fit and Fab

This class is designed for adults ages 18 and over. Get moving with fun dance steps and routines designed to burn calories and build strength. Not a dancer? Don't worry! Choreography will be easy to learn and the instructor will assist you in getting the most out of this lively workout. 

Solo Lessons

Solo classes are 30 minutes weekly, in the student's preferred style. Instruction will be designed to help the individual excel in their performance technique, strength and style. Solo class payment will be made as part of the student's regularly monthly tuition to The Hailey Jane Dance Center.